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Company Be Power Co-LTD
Contact person
Lu Fei
No.30, Technology Avenue, Yibin District, Luoyang, Henan
ZIP / Postal code
0086 379 -80893097 Web :

Company Description
We, Be Power Co.,LTD, are forcusing on Lithium-ion batteries. Our team came from CALB. Our general manager used to be general manager of CALB. CITIC Group, as one of Fortune Global 500, invited general manager of CALB and his team to establish a new company in 2019. CITIC continuously to invest and support our company by their great capital amount.
As for almost the whole technical team came from CALB, especially a quit part of them came from technical team who was in charge of cells for special applications and military applications, now we are focusing on high power density batteries and long cycle life:
- ultra high discharge current rate: Continuous discharging current up to 10C.
- High charge current rate: Continuous charging current up to 3C. 
-Discharge on very low temperature until -30?. 
-Long cycle life up to 6000 cycles.

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