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Adorable Male And Female Maltese Puppies For Free Adoption

Adorable Male And Female Maltese Puppies For Free Adoption
New Jersey » North Jersey » chicago
Published by: James Gate
400 USD
Pet Breed : Maltese(Breed Info)
Breed Popularity: #2 out of 244 Dog Breeds
Breed Group: Working Group
Breed Size: Medium Dog Breeds
Advert Type : For Adoption
Location : USA
Advertiser Type : Private
Council Licensed? : No (More Info)
Pets Current Age : 10weeks old (More Info)
Microchipped : Yes (More Info)
Neutered : No (More Info)
Vaccinations Up-to-Date : Yes (More Info)
KC Registered : No (More Info) Name:Raffles ana Raff
Raffles and Raff are beautiful 10weeks old Maltese. I am searching for a new home through no fault but because i got a new job and my family just went on a long vacation for that i won't have time to care for him properly . We ask that anyone interested in him do their research on his breed an understand his traits and needs. Raffles (nor any husky mostly) is not suitable for a first time dog owner.
He was not in great condition when he came to the rescue after being underfed and was covered in flea dirt. He has now been flea treated, groomed and bathed and would like his new owners to continue his flea treatments so he does not suffer with these pests again.
Raffles is a complete sweetheart, he has been very patient and clam with volunteers while they bath, brush and check him over. He’s a joyful boy and loves people and fuss. Goofy as he may be Raffles has a heart made of pure gold and will make an amazing companion for someone who is willing to give him love and attention back. He is not as full on as some husky’s may be as he does love to chill out in the garden after having some fuss but he will always be up for walkies!
Raffles is looking for a home that will help him build up his muscle mass gradually as well as his stamina by building up his walk time/distance. Starting off with 1.5-2hours per day (split over 2-4 walks). On walks he can be pully but in time and with some training he will settle down. He must be kept on lead at all times due to his breed and prey drive so owners are urged to purchase a long line so he may have some freedom to run around on walks.
As a husky he does need to have plenty of mental stimulation as well and exercise to keep him happy and healthy. In his new home he can live with children aged 5+ but would like to have no other pets in the house. Raffles can be left for short periods of time but isn’t really used to it so would need his new owners to slowly build up his time alone once he has settled in. He knows his basic training like sit, paw and down but would love to learn more in is new home.
Raffles has been microchipped, castrated, de fleaed, de wormed and has been to see a chiropractic vet as all our dogs do. He is house trained and crate trained too.
He is a charming lad and will make a wonderful addition to any home in need of some sunshine. To register your interest in Raffles we ask that you send us your own details about your home, experience and day to day life.

Adoption process:

. If there are many people interested in a dog then it is NOT first come first served. We will meet as many people as possible and then choose which would be best for the dog so please do not be disheartened if this is the situation.

. Your new pal will come with a suitable harness, halti lead, collar and a weeks supply of food for no extra cost! You can ask if you would like to purchase a 12kg bag of food or a crate.

. Ongoing support is always provided if needed. Please give us a call should you have any issues at all and we shall advise you.

. If at any time the dog cannot be kept they MUST be returned to the rescue. We offer lifetime back up and will always take our dogs back whether it’s been 3 days or 13 years.

. Thanks for you are all welcome

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