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Company ChildUp Ltd.
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Charisse Teopiz
3 Greig Road, The Orchards, Tw1 26/F, Flat F Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
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hong kong
Hong Kong
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Company Description
The ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards are a series of interactive and educational
tools for parents, caregivers, and early teachers who intend to develop, by playing in
an interactive way, the learning, cognitive and social skills of their children – boys
and girls from 1 to 5 years old – and to best prepare them for school and future
academic excellence.
By using the Child's Cards included in Teach Your Child to Count to 10 – Math &
Logic #1 and Teach Your Child to Count to 20 – Math & Logic #2 with an adult, any
child will, in a matter of a few months, learn to count to 10, then to 20 – two
fundamental steps in arithmetic –, to differentiate even and odd numbers and to do
basic additions and subtractions. At the same time, the discussions about numbers
and animals will be of great help to develop the child's vocabulary and language
The ChildUp Early Learning Method (described in the Parent's Cards of the game)
was invented, developed and practiced by John and Alan Debonneville, father and
son (and ChildUp founders), who dearly love mathematics and logic. John began to
apply the principles and techniques of the Early LearningMethod with his son when
Alan was still a baby, up until the time he became a teenager. The outcome was so
positive (Alan won the Swiss Championship of Mathematic and Logic Games in
1994, for example) that Alan and John thought it would be helpful for other parents
to know about this successful early learning and teaching experience.
During the previous years, besides the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards, ChildUp
has also created a series of Online Parenting Courses about early academic learning
and child emotional and social development. You may
visit the ChildUp website at:

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