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A Type Nozzle 4w7026 Fuel Nozzle 7000 Series For Caterpillar

A Type Nozzle 4w7026 Fuel Nozzle 7000 Series For Caterpillar
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Published by: Nicole
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A type Nozzle 4w7026 fuel nozzle 7000 series for caterpillar
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#Caterpillar 7000 Series Fuel Nozzles
#Caterpillar 4W7018 NOZZLE


Our products are very popular in many countries and regions, such as South America, Europe, the
Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. Based on our proficiency in technical skills and rich
experience, we will provide high-quality products and good services for you. If you are interested in
our products, please feel free to contact Ms Sandy from our Marketing Department.

The Fuel Injector Nozzle is a part of the ignition system of a diesel engine.
It is responsible for firing the right amount of fuel into the ignition chamber.
The nozzle is a part of the fuel injector, an electronically controlled valve that is fed with pressurized fuel from the fuel pump.
When the throttle is pressed, the engine control unit (ECU) reads the throttle valve position and regulates the fuel rate.
The ECU also uses the oxygen sensor reading to finely tune the amount of fuel that needs to be released to the fuel injector.

China Lutong Parts Plant enhance the technology of VE-type distribution pump,
making diesel engine's control high precision, oil and timing dynamic response quickly,
while improving the efficiency and emissions needs. With the product of excellence,
focus and constantly improve, our VE-pump assembly is better than other types of products with
its easy maintenance, good inheritance. The improved VE pump parts including Head Rotor,
Plug, Solenoid, Feed Pump, Shaft Driver, Roller Sets, Cross, and Cam Disk, Repair Kits.

Advanced technology with high-precision equipment, as well as professional and
technical personnel team, not only our VE pump assembly has a breakthrough achievement,
and other precision components of diesel engines, such as common rail control valve assembly,
injectors, diesel injector nozzle, plunger and so on.

Most heavy-duty diesel trucks have a well-earned reputation for being tough and
it’s not hard to find one with an incredible mileage total on the clock.
But injector nozzles face two major stresses: engine heat and poor fuel quality.
Even on a well-maintained truck, hundreds of thousands of miles on the precision
surfaces inside diesel injector nozzles can add up. Microscopic particulates
can score the seating surfaces inside the injector body, compromising the seal
and causing leaks. Similarly, the injector nozzle tip is exposed to the inside
the engine where it sees extreme heat cycling and the products of combustion.
When the tiny passages within the nozzle are compromised it results in a loss of power,
poor running, increased crank times, and excessive fuel consumption.

An injector nozzle is a fine sprayer through which fuel is injected into an engine.
The top of the injector nozzle has a lot of holes to deliver a spray of diesel fuel into the cylinder.
The higher the pressure, the smaller the injector nozzle openings can be, producing smaller pulses
that provide better fuel atomization. The fuel is sprayed through an injector nozzle, typically at high pressure,
to improve the mixing of fuel with air.caterpillar pencil nozzle

Since 1982 our staff has provided diesel engine parts,
especially diesel fuel injection components with fast and efficient supply of quality spare parts.
Our years of experience have helped us to develop an extensive product stock.
The growth was assisted by the company's commitment to provide the highest levels of customer service, and product reliability.

In time, our commitment to excellence remained the same, but this new development allowed the company to pursue
other business opportunities and further expansion. Our friendly and dedicated staff are trained and experienced in servicing the
diesel fuel injection industry and are always eager to assist.

We do not manufacture replica or fake products of trademarked brand names.
Please do not waste your time contacting us with such requests. We have a strict ethical policy against fake and replica manufacturing.

China Lutong Parts Plant is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of diesel fuel injection parts

China Lutong Parts Plant is a manufacturer specialist diesel fuel injection system accessory.

China Lutong Parts Plant is a set design, production and sales in one of the auto parts factory.

China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional OEM & Aftermarket parts supplier

China Lutong Parts Plant is the best and trusted choice for Diesel Fuel Injection

With the 30 years of industrial manufacturing experience,
China Lutong Parts Plant own advanced technology, standardized production processes and high service in
the field of automotive fuel injection system. Therefore, our products and services are highly recognized
and accepted by the market. In recent years, we are committed to the VE-type distribution pump's
research and upgrading. VE pump has an irreplaceable advantage for diesel engine, and electronic control
VE pump for tractors, forklifts, other agricultural machinery and engineering machinery are
more and more attention by the industry.

We are Major in:rotor head, hydraulic head, Diesel Nozzle, fuel injector pump head,
Diesel Plunger, Diesel Element, ve pump parts, Head Rotor, distributor head, Diesel Injector, lucas cav
injector pump parts, rotor head assembly, Common Rail Nozzles, head and rotor, bosch head, bosch rotors
review Common Rail Injector Valve and so on. We have the world brand equipment,
craft, full testing machine, very strong technical force, and we have big lots,
more types and high quality production scale, and modernization manager.
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A Type Nozzle 4w7026 Fuel Nozzle 7000 Series For Caterpillar
A Type Nozzle 4w7026 Fuel Nozzle 7000 Series For Caterpillar
A Type Nozzle 4w7026 Fuel Nozzle 7000 Series For Caterpillar

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