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Mrs. Charlie Le
Hung Yen
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EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd. specializes in export FIBC Bags, also known as jumbo bags, big bag, container bag, bulk bag, ton bag, sling big bag, etc. Which are widely used in many industries like minerals, agriculture, chemicals, foods,etc.
Our competence:
+ Modern machinery systems: Extruder machine, circular loop machine, automatic cutting machine, printer and advanced sewing machines from India, Korea, China, etc.
+ High quality product are strictly controlled during the production process. All products are certificated by ISO 9001:2015.
+ Quickly quotation time
+ Fast leading production time, delivery every order on schedule.
+ Professional customer care service with experienced sales team, professional after sales-service such as responding customer feedback, transportation and flexible payment methods.
We are committed to providing products with stable quality - competitive price - professional service.
All products are certificated by ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001: 2015; ISO 22000:2015; HACCP 2003 Codex; SGS; UKAS; BSI; BRC…
Our products are:
- Tubular big bag/ tubular jumbo bag/ Tubular FIBC/ Tubular bulk bag/ Type A big bag/ Type B big bag/ Type C conductive jumbo bag/ Type D bulk bag
- Circular super sacks/ PP woven circular big bag/ circular bulka bag/ circular jumbo bag 1 ton
- Baffle fibc/ baffle big bag/ baffle bulk bag/ baffle bags/ formstable bags/ Q bags/ net baffle FIBCS
- Sling cement bag/ Sling FIBC/ Vietnam Sling cement jumbo bag/ Cement pre-sling bag/ sling bulk bag/ industrial sling bag
- 1 and 2 loop jumbo bag/ 1 and 2 loop big bag/ 1 ton tote bags/ single loop bag/ double loop FIBC bags
Ventilated bag/ ventilated FIBCS/ Ventilated jumbo bag/ Ventilated firewood bags/ agricultural FIBC vented bag/ bulk bags/ log vented sacks/ log sacks/ net vented bags
-Mesh jumbo big bag/ mesh potatoes FIBC/ industrial mesh/ mesh bulk bags/ mesh super sacks/ mesh bag for onions, carrots, cabbages

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