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Company Fujian Hongfeida Automation Technology Co., Ltd
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Fujian Hongfeida Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a global trade industrial automation system engineering technology development, sales agents in Europe and the United States all kinds of top-level automation products high-tech enterprises. With more than 800 well-known industrial control companies in foreign countries to establish a good relationship of cooperation, through our system solutions and products for customers to create a good efficiency and value. The company has a number of professional high-quality industrial control system design and installation technology service engineers to provide customers with integrated solutions and a full range of services, and established a perfect marketing system, the company to undertake design, construction of the control system projects and energy saving The transformation of system projects mainly involves mechanical, power, metallurgy, petrochemical, forestry, food processing, pharmaceutical, tobacco, municipal engineering and other industries.
Sales agents of various types of industrial control products mainly include: numerical control equipment servo drives and servo motors, spare parts for automobile enterprise robots, DCS system spare parts for power plant steel mills, and industrial touch screens.
Sales brands include: Sweden ABB, Germany Rexroth BOSCH, France Schneider Schneider, the United States Rockwell AB, Germany’s Siemens SIEMENS, the United States Honeywell HONEYWELL and other imported brands. If you want to make an inquiry, please contact us.

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