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Mitsubishi L200 Rotary Engine Head 146401-4720 For Distributor Rotor Replacement

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Mitsubishi L200 Rotary Engine Head 146401-4720 For Distributor Rotor Replacement
Florida » Florida Keys » Hanjiang
Published by: Linda
21 USD
Mitsubishi L200 rotary engine head 146401-4720 for distributor rotor replacement

Contact: Linda Chen
Whatsapp: +86 138 609 378 75
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China-Lutong VE-Type Injection Pump - Quality Oriented, Keep Improving
With the 30 years of industrial manufacturing experience, China Lutong Parts Plant own advanced technology, standardized production processes and high service in the field of automotive fuel injection system. Therefore, our products and services are highly recognized and accepted by the market. In recent years, we are committed to the VE-type distribution pump's research and upgrading. VE pump has an irreplaceable advantage for diesel engine, and electronic control VE pump for tractors, forklifts, other agricultural machinery and engineering machinery are more and more attention by the industry.
The Advantages of the VE Pump
1. Small, Fewer parts, and Light Weight.
2. Oil supply stable.
3. High-speed adaptability. Inline plunger fuel injection pump maximum speed is 2000r/min, while the VE distribution pump can reach 3000r/min.
4. The VE pump's body is full of diesel, with self-lubricating effect, without regularly replacing the oil.
5. The control agencies of VE distribution pump have relative independence. According to the different needs of diesel engines, combined into the corresponding control agencies.
6. VE distribution pump using solenoid valve control fuel off, it is the operation of flexible and convenient.
7. VE distribution pump with anti-reverse function can prevent the diesel engine reverse.
8. VE pump in the diesel engine is on the installation of flexible, horizontal, vertical.
China Lutong Parts Plant enhance the technology of VE-type distribution pump, making diesel engine's control high precision, oil and timing dynamic response quickly, while improving the efficiency and emissions needs. With the product of excellence, focus and constantly improve, our VE-pump assembly is better than other types of products with its easy maintenance, good inheritance. The improved VE pump parts including Head Rotor, Plug, Solenoid, Feed Pump, Shaft Driver, Roller Sets, Cross, and Cam Disk, Repair Kits.
Advanced technology with high-precision equipment, as well as professional and technical personnel team, not only our VE pump assembly has a breakthrough achievement, and other precision components of diesel engines, such as common rail control valve assembly, injectors, diesel injector nozzle, plunger and so on.
"Quality Oriented, Keep Improving", it has been the development of our company's power and the pursuit of the direction.
With over 20 years of experience as a China manufacturer of Fuel system parts & components serving both Original Equipment Manufacturer and the After Market, CHINA-LUTONG has always been committed to deliver only the highest quality products accompanied by outstanding service dedication to our customers worldwide. CHINA-LUTONG high precision engine components are manufactured using state-of-the-art proprietary technologies and synergized by the application of the finest materials available.
For more information or assistance, please feel free to call me on (telephone) or contact by (email).
others head rotor number:
146400-2220 MITSUBISHI 4D55 4/10R 104640-3160
146400-2700 KIA 4/10L
146400-2840 4/11R
146400-4520 ISUZU 4FC1 4/10R
146400-5220 Isuzu/FIAT 4/10r
146400-5820 ISUZU 4/10L
146400-8821 ISUZU PK C223 4/9L
146400-9720 NISSAN D20-T 4/10r 104740-2130
146401-0221 MITSUBISHI 4/10r 104640-8870
146401-0520 NISSAN TD25 4/10R 104640-7180
146401-0820 4/11L
146401-1920 ISUZU C240 4/9L 104649-5100
146401-2020 ISUZU 4FG1 4/10R 104640-1832
146401-2120 NISSAN TD27 4/10R 104740-9675
146401-3220 MITSUBISHI 4D56 4/10R 104645-3361
146401-3420 NISSAN 4/10R
146401-3520 NISSAN TD23 4/10L
146401-4220 NISSAN Qd32 4/11R 104641-4621
146401-4420 Doowon Forklift 4/12r
146401-4720 Mitsubishi L200 4/10R
146401-4920 MITSUBISHI 4D56 4/11R
146402-0820 ISUZU 4JA1 4/11R 104641-1092
146402-0920 ISUZU 4JB1T 4/11L 104641-6421
146402-1420 MAZDA HA 4/10R 104640-0030
146402-1520 ISUZU D201-02 4/10R
146402-2420 ISUZU 4JB1CG 4/11L 104641-1261
146402-2520 Isuzu/Opel 2.8td 4jb1t 4/11R
146402-3420 NISSAN BD30 4/10R 104641-4331
146402-3820 ISUZU 4JA1 4/11L 104641-6990
146402-4020 ISUZU 4JB1 4/12L 104642-1580
146402-4320 NISSAN 4/12R
146402-4420 ISUZU 4JA1 104642-1671
146402-4720 ISUZU 4JB1-TC/JMC 4/9R 104646-6606
146402-5120 JMC
146403-0520 MAZDA NEWHA 4/10R 104640-0344
146403-1220 MAZDA R2 4/8R 104648-0154
146403-2820 MAZDA 4/10R 104640-0522
146403-3120 KIA/NISSAN CD17 4/10L 104640-2157
146403-3320 NISSAN ED35 4/11R 104641-4122
146403-3520 NISSAN AD27/TD27 4/10R 104640-7420
146403-4020 NISSAN LD20 4/9R 104649-2551
146403-4920 Mitsubishi 4M40 4/11R 104741-3213
146403-6120 NISSAN TD27-T 4/11R 104601-2007
146403-6620 ISUZU 4JG2-TC 4/10R 104601-1050
146403-6820 MAZDA WLT 4/10L 104640-0824
146404-1520 MITSUBISHI 4D55 4/10R
146405-0421 DAEWOO (ASIAKIA) 6/11L
146405-0620 NISSAN LD28 6/10R 104660-2002
146405-1920 NISSAN TD42 6/10R 104660-4002
146405-2620 Nissan RD28
146406-0620 KOMATSU S6D95L 6/11R 104661-4032
146407-0020 NISSAN LD28 6/10R 104660-2011
146408-0420 NISSAN RD28 6/10R 104660-2483
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