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Investment casting by CFS Precision Casting allows the production of parts utilizing a variety of metal alloys, and is suitable for the creation of very simple to highly complex metal shapes. Investment casting yields parts which are stronger and lighter, and which provide a superior finish. Investment cast parts typically require far less labor, tooling and machining than parts produced by investment casting process. This process allows rapid development of new parts, precision repeatability and quick ramp-up to high volume production.

CFS Precision Casting can handle virtually any production volume, from prototype development to runs calling for hundreds of thousands of impressions. We produce parts ranging from a few ounces to over 20 pounds utilizing air-melt ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. An ISO 9001 certified supplier, CFS Precision Casting can provide consistent part reproduction to your most stringent specifications and tolerances.

CFS Precision Casting's Value Engineering approach to the design of parts and dies can help improve the performance of your part while reducing the overall time and cost of your component production project. Whatever your investment casting requirements, our investment casting foundry can be the solution.

Our products include: steel casting, iron casting, aluminum casting,ect.

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