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O-ring Seal 17*28*7 O Ring Gasket For Ve Fuel Injection Pump

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O-ring Seal 17*28*7 O Ring Gasket For Ve Fuel Injection Pump
California » Los Angeles » Kannur
Published by: Shary Hu
O-Ring Seal 17*28*7 O Ring Gasket for VE fuel injection pump
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China Lutong Parts Plant is a manufacturer specialisted in diesel fuel parts.T

Main products: Diesel pump plunger (contains type A, AD, P, PS7100, PS8500, EP9, MW and the others), Nozzle (contains type DN, PDN, S, SN, PN, DSLA, BDLL and more), Delivery Valve, Nozzles, Common Rail System Parts, VE pump parts and the accessories (such as: Head Rotor, Cam Disk, Feed Pumps, Repair Kit, Fuel injectors, Fuel injector parts, Pencil Nozzle, etc.).
The quality of our products are in the same class with other overseas famous manufacturers.If you have.any interest or demand , please feel free to contact with Shary,looking forward to you.Thanks.


How to install to the pump?

Yes, the pump shaft only goes into the gear one way, but it's the slotted holes in the pump body mounting that you are concerned with when timing.

The correct way to do this is to locate tdc on the eng, then remove the pump. If you were not disassembling the pump you would first lock the pump up. That way when you put it back it's exactly where it was before. When installing you place the locked pump in place and take up the gear train slack by pushing the top of the pump toward the head and tighten down the 3 mounting nuts.

But because you're disassembling the pump there's not much point in locking it up, you have to unlock it to take it all apart. And, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity to find out exactly where your timing is and take your bump from there.

So once your pump is back together you have a pump shop, or someone with the appropriate dial indicater adapters, time your pump to spec and lock it there. Now you install your properly timed and locked pump into your properly locked engine (tdc), again following the instructions above for taking up the slack. Once it;s all tightened down, confirm/remark your timing marks on the housing. Take your advance bump from there.

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