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32D Guomao building, Hubin South Road, Siming District Xiamen City, Fujian China
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Moore Automation has a team of experienced professionals working closely with overseas suppliers to provide our customers with a wide selection of products to meet their needs about delivery, price and brands .

Moore automation's advantage lies not only in our ability to provide products, but also in our ability to establish close links with direct users, system integrators and provide professional spare parts solutions to enhance customers' competitiveness in their own markets.

Integrated procurement, online component solutions at any time, 24/7 and 365 days a year to place orders.

To meet the specific needs of many manufacturing customers, we have deployed a range of supplies,With our multi-channel distribution network and strong warehouse support, we are able to optimize the supply chain and provide competitive prices.

Moore Automation is a leader in integrated industrial spare parts supply and MRO industrial parts distribution. Our proprietary spare parts integrated supply plan can be customized to reduce customer inventory costs.

We can provide industrial automation spare parts solutions.

Industrial MRO component consumables to support your business -- One-stop service.

Moore Automation aims to provide customers with the best delivery time, quality and reliability as well as industrial parts.

As the demands of the industry always change, we optimize our inventory according to our customers' application needs. Our value is to develop and deliver products that improve efficiency of process and dealing.

We serve all kinds of industry in China, helping to provide and support their business processes and adapting them to the specific needs of each industry:

Industry and Manufacturing

Oil and gas

Food and Beverage



Our warehouse is capable of holding up to 60,000 pallet spare parts as a regional hub, enabling us to store a wide range of products. This improves efficiency by providing our customers in the global region with faster delivery times and lower prices.


Moore Automation is the market leader in the distribution of discontinued electrical materials in China. This position is the result of the trust our customers have placed in us over the years. This trust has enabled us to continue to evolve and emphasize that we offer more discontinued components.

Sustainable Partnership

Moore Automation is committed to building sustainable partnerships with customers and suppliers. It's a win-win-win situation. Sustainability also means responding to trends, evolution and innovation. This flexibility is also a guarantee of the future.We always focus on top brand products, top industrial partners innovation and industrial automation in the delivery of new components.

Our sales office ensures that your to inquiries about spare parts are responsive. We actively participate in the customer's search for spare parts solutions or provide customized delivery advice. The customer's spare parts demand or delivery time question is always important to us.

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