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Company Ningxia Tengyuan Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd
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The west side of the national highway 110, hongshi town, huayong district, ningxia, China
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Ningxia tengyuan environmental materials sales co., LTD. Is a comprehensive environmental materials company dedicated to the development and sales of environmental materials. Companies all around for industry of waste water, waste gas purification treatment, and provide the high quality product resources and the corresponding technical guidance for oneself, think that small and medium-sized enterprises provide treatment plan to the environmental protection and environmental protection material for the mission. Ningxia tengyuan environmental materials co., LTD. Is the only one in the western region to optimize the performance of products and improve the quality of environmental protection. The company has three environmental protection r&d personnel, four chemical laboratory personnel and 25 professional production staff. The products are widely used in such fields as water plant, metallurgy, electric power, steel and carbon, etc. Grasps derived from nature, back to nature under the guidance of brand strategy, determined to bring all environmental protection material products comprehensive into various industries, small and medium-sized enterprises to provide optimal best environmental solutions and environmental protection products, the company's main: polyaluminium chloride, polyacrylamide, polymer ferric sulfate, copper sulfate, calcium chloride, triethylamine, activated carbon, fiber ball, quartz sand, anthracite coal, activated alumina balls, activated clay and other environmental protection products. The choice of environmental protection is to choose efficient and clean production methods, optimize the production of energy, reduce the loss of energy consumption, and control environmental pollution. Teng far environmental severely, so as to fundamentally solve the small and medium-sized enterprises big energy consumption, low capacity, big pollution problems, such as the high quality product and service is widely spread in small and medium-sized enterprises far environmental protection.?

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