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Reliance Plastic
27, National Highway, Near Galaxy Petroleum, Rajkot Road, Bhojpara, Bhojjpura Village, Gondal-360311, Gujarat, India
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BOPP Pearlized Label, which can be heat sealed on both sides, is frequently used for packaging applications in surface printing. The movie has an opaque pearlized white look. Co-extruded with a white core layer, white pearlized cavitated Bopp film is non- or heat sealable on one or both sides. It is made to be printed on, and the simultaneous application of glue on the other side makes it perfect for shielding the object from light. These can be used for laminating with CPP or PE film, as well as for food, chopsticks, gifts, soap packages, ice cream, as well as sweet foods like cookies and snacks like popcorn.

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