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Company Shanghai Winman Industrial Co.,ltd
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pu gasket dispensing mach
No.2238, Second Floor, Second Building, No.898 Boyuan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China. [201812]
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8615618818022 Web :

Company Description
Since 2001, WINMAN industrial engineering has designed and manufactured the highest quality, custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment, such as: metal sheet roller cutting machine?metal sheet punching machine?metal sheet bending machine?welding machine?riveting machine?pu gasket sealing machineā€¦ and related consumable materials for those Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment, specially in the power distribution cabinet accessories technology.Over the years we have been studying and developing on these industries for more than 10years. Commitment to manufacturers, system integrators, scientific research institutions and other users, to provide advanced sheet metal fabricate integrated technology overall design, services and solutions. Building intelligent manufacturing system, enhance customer competitiveness ahead of this time.

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