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Rtv Molding Silicone Rubber For Plaster Products Application:

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Rtv Molding Silicone Rubber For Plaster Products Application:
Hawaii » Big Island » Shenzhen
Published by: Cherry Chan
US $6.3- 9.3/kg USD
RTV molding silicone rubber for plaster products application:

RTV molding silicone rubber for plaster products with 30 shore A, is specially suitable for plaster decoration duplication,gypsum sculpture reproduction,duplicating resin product with fine details,PU resin reproduction,wax molding,stone duplication ,epoxy moulds,pacrylic moulding,reproducing polyester craft.

RTV molding silicone rubber for plaster products feature:

1 RTV molding silicone rubber for plaster products with SGS and ROSH approval
2 Curing agent arrange together as free charged
3 In liquid form and in various colors
4 With an exceptional fluidity and good operability.
5Temperature and deformation resistance as well as low shrinkage.
6 High duplication times.
7 Sample orders are available

RTV molding silicone rubber for plaster products datasheets:

Model Color Mixing ratio % Pot life mins Demould
hrs Hardness A0 Tensile-strength Tear-strength Viscosity
mPas Shrinkage
rate % Elongation
630# white 100 :5 30-40 3-5 29-31 49kgf/cm2 ≥ 33kgf/cm 27000 ≤0.3% 490%
Dowcorning3481 white 100 : 5 30-45 5-6 22-25 4.6Mpa 23kN/m 25000 ≤0.5% 520%
Bluestar 3325 /585 white 100 : 5 20-60 6-24 25-28 4.2Mpa 26kN/m 35000 ≤0.7% 440%
Wacker®M4503 white 100 : 5 30-90 10-20 25 5.0N/mm² 20N/mm 40000 ≤0.5% 350%
SmoothonMoldMax®25 white 100 : 5 45 24 25 577psi 130pli 25000 002 in./in. 375%

RTV molding silicone rubber for plaster products operation way:

Step One:Take 100g of part A and add 2g of part B and mix the silicone rubber and curing agent evenly.
Step Two: vacuum pumping.Without exception, this step takes less than 10 minutes.
Note: The time for vacuum-pumping should be less than 3—5 mins , otherwise, once the silicone rubber has cross-link reaction during vacuumizing, it will not be operated.
Step Three: Brushing cast Perfusion Molding operation

RTV molding silicone rubber for plaster products frequently asked question:

Why is the silicone rubber mold oily?
Basically, molding silicone rubber doesnt contain any oil, so it wont be oily. The reasons for the oily molds can be deducted from the below 3 factors:

1. Added white oil, which is the compound of silicone oil and white oil. The white oil is not silicone oil but a kink of petrochemicals;

2. Added too much silicone oil. Normally, we donot advise our customers to add any silicone oil into silicone rubber. If necessary, the ratio must be 5%-10%;

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