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Company Stainless Steel Foundry
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Zhongshan East Road
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008657427689999 Web :

Company Description
CFS is committed to consolidating its position as a world class supplier of engineered stainless steel investment castings suitable for architectural, industrial and commercial applications.

With a strong 30 year track record well established, CFS continues to develop as a leading Chinese stainless steel casting manufacturer dedicated to the production of quality professionally-engineered stainless steel investment castings. The company will continue to meet client expectations in an understanding and innovative matter, by attracting, training and training high calibre technical personnel and staff. Through the ongoing improvement of management processes and service delivery systems, CFS will sustain and expand its international profile and global market share.

Currently, we can produce cast stainless steel parts ranging from 0.2kg-60kgs. Types of stainless steel castings include:

304(L) stainless steel casting
316(L) stainless steel casting
17-4 ph stainless steel casting
2205 duplex stainless steel casting

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