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Company UNITED PARTS Sdn.Bhd
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Ricky Chum
182 Bedok Nth St 4 03-07
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65 6238285971 Web :

Company Description

United Bike Parts is a company that specializes in selling all types of bicycle parts to meet the needs of bicycle users. United Bike Parts was originally a small shop that only sold a few types of equipment and only had one worker.

United Bike Parts founder was a former employee of one of the country's bicycle shops, worked more than 5 years and was very experienced in the field of bicycle parts, until in 2012 he left the company and opened a small shop now called United Bike Parts. .

United Bike Parts is an experienced and professional company in meeting the needs of bicycle parts and providing more than 20,000 products available on our website with many famous brands.

United Bike Parts always keeps innovating in providing the best service and trying to sell quality products, we always maintain customer trust in shipping services and we provide the best prices.

Payment methods are one of our priorities to provide convenience and security in transactions, our payment methods use PAYPAL and Credit Cards, because until now our customers feel comfortable conducting transactions through PAYPAL, and PAYPAL is indeed one of the most safe and reliable methods that are widely used in the outside world.

We prioritize customer access security and uphold customer personal data so we guarantee customer data is only used for transactions at United Bike Parts, we make it happen on our website that uses SSL security.

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