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Stimulating F1 Racing Flight Simulator

For sale
Stimulating F1 Racing Flight Simulator
California » Los Angeles » USA
12500 USD
Stimulating F1 racing flight simulator
Feature: 1Used to see 5D movies
2Used to play racing game
3 Used to play flight game
4Support all raing game and flight game, no need to edit the motion file, no need to worry about the game, the game can be download from network directly.
5Support multi machine connect together, players can play the same game together, after the game finished, there is rank
6 Install the multi coin machine, run automatic, save labor cost
7Have strong attraction, Low investment, High profit
8Two versions: Luxury electric version, Economic pneumatic version

JMDM-GFAIO is a brand-new, highly simulated and super interactive 360 degree rotation driving simulator newly launched by our company, is also called game and film all in one.
It consists of 360 degree rotation and super interactive dynamic platform, 47inch LCD TV, high-definition 3D game, and stereo surround sound. Audience not only can play the air combat, car racing,
Speedboat dynamic interactive games, but also can see stereoscopic
Dynamic movies wearing 3D glasses. It has super difficult and exciting
Actions and interactive plot that ordinary 3 degrees of freedom, 6 degree of freedom Motion Theater hard to realize. It applies to top leisure clubs, KTV, game hall, large scale movie theater, home theater,
All kinds of entertainment places, theme parks,
Playground and the popular science exhibition hall, etc.

It can simulate real U-turns and breathtaking actions, high-speed dive, climbout, tilt, fall, bumps like high difficult, high speed, thrilling and exciting actions, bring you the super shock and stimulation, the real driving feeling allowing you feel as if be personally on the scene, fully immersive, drive a Ferrari, off-road racing cars, top speedboat, a
Private aircraft, and enjoy the feeling of luxury, surpassing yourself, high speed, pass through time and space and something like difficult to experience the super thrilling but very safe entertainment feeling in your ordinary even lifelong life!

B. Technical parameters
1. Electric cylinder parameters
L 220V AC servo motor parameters see no. 2
L Aluminium forging alloy shell
L High alloy steel expansion link
L Max thrust: 200kg
L Stroke: 600mm
L Operating temperature: -5-60 degree
L Max speed: 200mm/s
L Screw lead: 5mm
2. AC servo motor parameters
V Power: 1.0Kw
V Voltage: 220V380 need to customization
V Rated torque: 3.3Nm
V Rated speed: 3000rpm
V Rated current: 4.2A
V Max torque: 9.9Nm
V Max current: 12.6A
Composition: The rotation of the platform driven by an ac servo motor synchronous wheel, platform go up and down by three electric cylinders driven three AC servo motors

3. Platform parameters

² Install space requirement: Length, width and height: 4x4x3.2meters
² Packaging size: Length, width and height: 1.8x1.6x2.2meters
² Runtime max current: 5A

4. Platform component
A. 360 degrees rotation chassis 1 axle
B. 3 straight blade electric cylinders 3 axles
C. One seat
D. One 47 LCD Television
E. One joystick
F. Mode of motion: 3DOF
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