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Jl. Jend. A. Yani Km. 7 No. 18 Banjarmasin 70233 South Kalimantan Indonesia
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WINTECHMINER was established in 2016, our company has previously been experienced in the field of electronic computer equipment sales, and we are very understanding of

the needs of the market.
Following technological developments and market needs, we are interested in trying to shift slightly in terms of product marketing.

In the digital era, we believe that in the next few years Indonesian society will be accustomed to using digital currency, observing that we add special product sales

service for Crypto Currency Miner, We sell Crypto Currency Miner hardware from various brands with competitive price .

We also serve the order out of the area and even outside the country such as Malaysia, Singapore, etc.
Although we still remain a customer's trust, we realize that there are still many shortcomings in meeting customer demand. This is because the manufacturer of the

Minerals Hardware has limitations in terms of production, but even so we strive to meet customer demand, because we do not want customers to feel disappointed because

of the limited number of products.

WINTECHMINER, headquartered and marketing in Banjar Masin city of Kalimantan, is the only company selling Kftto Currency Minerals Software, because we are a sole

company in Banjar Masin City, we believe customer demand will be a big consideration for we can always provide customer orders.

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