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New Yokogawa Ys170 Ys170-012

For sale
New Yokogawa Ys170 Ys170-012
Alaska » Anchorage » Xiamen City,
Published by: MOORE LTD
111 USD
*Technical Information*
Part Number?YS170-012
Country of origin?Japan
Terms of payment? T/T
Standard lead time ex-works?In Stock

**It's better to move, please contact us as soon as possible **
[ Email: ]
Sales Manager: Leonia
Skype: +86-18030175807
QQ: 2851195482

* Moore Automation *
Our Mission: Make it easier for customers to buy industrial components
Our product is 100% original product made by the manufacturer. We distribute PLC, DCS, Fanuc, ABB and much more, we have over 20000 automation parts available.

Vision?Reliable Global Supplier of Industrial Spare parts
We will ship the items within 3 working days after the payment is reached and All the goods will be tested before shipment.We can ship to you by DHL/UPS/EMS/Fedex... Pls contact us directly and we will ship as your requirement.

Purpose?our goal is to become the industry's "Standard" ("model")
We offer 12 month warranty after receiving parcels. If there are some workmanship or material defects with the products, please contact us firstly, we will exchange it or offer other solutions for you to make a choice.

* Something You Might Need *
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Allen Bradley 1746-OV16 GE IS200ECTBG1ADE Allen Bradley 1756L63 SER.A F/W 1.4 DATE: 2006
Allen Bradley 1747-L532 GE IS215UCVEH2AF Allen Bradley 1756-L71 SER. B F/W 1.010 DATE: 2017
Allen Bradley 1747-SN GE IS200VAICH1DAB Allen Bradley 1756-L71 SER. B F/W 1.010 DATE: 2017 NSFS
Allen Bradley 1756-IF8 GE IS200VTCCH1CBD Allen Bradley 1771-HS1
Allen Bradley 1762-IF2OF2 GE IS215UCVEH2AE Allen Bradley 1771-HS1 SER. A F/W 03.01 NSMP
Allen Bradley 1762-IQ16 GE IS220PPROH1A Allen Bradley 1771-IR SER. A F/W L INPUT MODULE (REMANUFACTURED)
Allen Bradley 1762-IQ32T GE IS220PAOCH1A Allen Bradley 1771-IR SER. D F/W 8 DATE: 2015 NSFS
Allen Bradley 1762-IQ8 GE DS200DTBBG1A Allen Bradley 1775-A1 PLC-3 PROGRAMMABLE CHASSIS
Allen Bradley 1762-IT4 GE DS200DTBCG1A Allen Bradley 1785-ENET SER. A F/W C INTERFACE DATE: 1998 *FACTORY SEALED*
Allen Bradley 1762-L24AWA GE DS200PTBAG1A Allen Bradley 1785-ENET SER. B F/W D DATE: 2003 NSFS
Allen Bradley 1762-L24BWA Rockwell 2711P-K7C4A8 Allen Bradley 1785-L20E SER.E F/W B.2 PROCESSOR (NO KEY)
Allen Bradley 1762-L40BWA Rockwell 1769-L18ER-BB1B Allen Bradley 1785-L30B SER. A F/W P.1 REMAN
Allen Bradley 1762-OA8 Rockwell 1769-ECR Allen Bradley 1785-L30B SER. E F/W D PROCESSOR DATE: 1999
Allen Bradley 1762-OB16 Rockwell 1769-OF2 Allen Bradley 1785-L40B SER. C F/W E
Allen Bradley 1762-OB8 Rockwell 1783-US08T Allen Bradley 2094-BC04-M03-S SER. A F/W 1.98 NSMP
Allen Bradley 1762-OF4 Rockwell 300-DOD930 Allen Bradley 2094-BC04-M03-S SER. B F/W 1.122 NSMP
Allen Bradley 1766-L32AWA Rockwell 1784-PKTX Allen Bradley 2094-BC07-M05-S SER. C F/W 1.127 NSMP
Allen Bradley 1769-AENTR Rockwell 1775-L4 Allen Bradley 2094-BC07-M05-SB1122 SER. B F/W 1.122 NSNP
Allen Bradley 1769-ASCII Rockwell 1775-SR5 Allen Bradley 2098-DSD-HV220-SE SER. B F/W V1.52 NSMP
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