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Hima Z7116 Himatrix Safety-related Controller

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Hima Z7116 Himatrix Safety-related Controller
California » Humboldt County » XIAMEN Fujian
Published by: AMIKON LIMITED
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HIMA Z7116 HIMatrix Safety-Related ControllerSkype: ariatang111




HIMatrix remote I/Os are available for the programming tools SILworX and ELOP II Factory. Which programming tool can be used, depends on the processor operating system of the HIMatrix remote I/O, refer to the following table: Programming tool Processor operating system SILworX CPU OS V7 and higher ELOP II Factory CPU OS up to V6.x

HIMatrix System Manual Compact Systems Hardware description of the HIMatrix compact systems

HIMatrix System Manual Modular System F60 Hardware description of the HIMatrix modular system

HIMatrix Safety Manual Safety functions of the HIMatrix system

HIMatrix Safety Manual for Railway Applications Safety functions of the HIMatrix system using the HIMatrix in railway applications

SILworX Online Help Instructions on how to use SILworX

ELOP II Factory Online Help Instructions on how to use ELOP II Factory, Ethernet IP protocol

SILworX First Steps Introduction to SILworX using the HIMax system as an example

ELOP II Factory First Steps Introduction to ELOP II Factory

Formatting Conventions To ensure improved readability and comprehensibility, the following fonts are used in this document: Bold To highlight important parts. Names of buttons, menu functions and tabs that can be clicked and used in the programming tool. Italics For parameters and system variables Courier Literal user inputs RUN Operating state are designated by capitals Chapter 1.2.3 Cross references are hyperlinks even though they are not particularly marked. When the cursor hovers over a hyperlink, it changes its shape. Click the hyperlink to jump to the corresponding position.

Safety Notes The safety notes are represented as described below. These notes must absolutely be observed to reduce the risk to a minimum. The content is structured as follows:

Signal word: warning, caution, notice
Type and source of risk
Consequences arising from non-observance
Risk prevention


All safety information, notes and instructions specified in this document must be strictly observed. The product may only be used if all guidelines and safety instructions are adhered to. This product is operated with SELV or PELV. No imminent risk results from the product itself. The use in Ex-zone is permitted if additional measures are taken.

Relative Part Number:

HIMA F6217
HIMA F6217
HIMA F7126
HIMA F7126
HIMA F7131
HIMA F7131
HIMA F7133
HIMA F7553
HIMA F8641
HIMA F8641


F3211 Output Module
F3246A 2 Channel Switching Amplifier
F5109B Memory Module
F6706 981670602 Analog Output Module
F7113 Power Supply Module
F7114 Power Control Module
F7130A F7130A F7130A Power Supply Module
F7132 F7132 Power Distribution Module
F7529 Interface Module
F8623B Control Module
F8627 F8627 F8627 Ethernet Communication Module
F8650E F8650E Safety System Central Module
F3221 F 3221 984322102 Input Module
F3226 F3226 f3226 01.730361 F3226 Input Module
F3226A F 3226A Input Module
F3236 F 3236 984323602 16-Channel Input Module

"Faults in operation cause production plants to shut down unexpectedly. This costs a lot of money. With solutions from HIMA, you are on the safe side: You can rely on them one hundred percent."

F3318 F 3318 f 3318 00.752403 F 3318 Input Module
F3322 F 3322 984332202 Digital Output Module
F3330 F 3330 Output Module
F3331 F 3331 Output Module
F3332 F 3332 Output Module
F3414 F 3414 0.765268 4 Channel Relay Module
F6214 F 6214 Analog Input Module
F6217 F 6217 986421702 Analog Input Module
F6220 F 6220 Process Module
F7102 F 7102 Insulation Monitor Module
F7105A Process Module
F7126 F 7126 Power Supply Module
F7130 F 7130 Power Distribution Module
F7131 F 7131 Power Distribution Module
F7133 F 7133 984713302 4 Channel Power Distribution Module
F7553 F 7553 Coupling Module

From Safety to Smart Safety
From Safety to Smart Safety
In the era of Industry 4.0, everything is interconnected. In today's smart factories, equipment communicates with other equipment, machines control themselves, and processes are becoming increasingly agile. However, the more complex industrial plants become, the more rigorous the requirements that are imposed on functional safety. Therefore, safety systems must be just as smart as the production processes of the future. They use big data to control and optimize themselves and make it possible to more effectively utilize plant capacity and operate plants more profitably.

Moreover, in the digital age, enterprises must be able to react to changes with greater flexibility. Modular systems are one means to this end. They can be extended and adapted as needed and in accordance with statutory requirements. With the aid of modular systems, you also reduce your time to market significantly.

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