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Arizona » Flagstaff:Sedona » Xiamen
Published by: Mac
Contact here for good price
Mobile/Whatsapp: +8618020714662
Fax: 0592-5165561
QQ: 2381714075

Our Advantages
lower your support costs

Provide on-going availability of automation replacement parts

Quantity available: 1

Warranty: 12 months

Estimated delivery even 2-4 days

Shipping from the same day

International shipping

Tracking your shipment for each order

Trusted TNT / Fedex / UPS / DHL partners

About Moore

Our company has many products in stock,which are immediately available.The warranty is 1 years which apply to all the new products.If you purchase one more parts from us,we can make a discount to you.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.We can supply all kind of the automation parts,if you want to purchase parts please send the parts model to my mail, I will prompt reply you as I receive the contact.

Hope anyone inquire from us.

Moore is a leading global supplier of control system components. We specialize in control systems and drives.

With many years of experience in the industrial sector, we consistently deliver the highest quality of spare parts.

We have tens of thousands of spare parts and spare parts warehouse. Products and services to serve for installing of users control system, distributed control systems, programmable controllers, panel controller and drive!

Our mission is to help you
Reduced maintenance costs

We have a large inventory of control system components. We also made a lot of new hardware and discontinued spare parts to help supporting your existing control systems.

We have experienced staff, extensive testing, all the spare parts which we sold are with warranty period of one year, and they have undergone rigorous testing and certification!

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QQ: 2381714075
Fax: 0592-5165561
Mobile/Whatsapp: +8618020714662
Contact here for good price
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