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Abb Dsdi130 57160001-aa

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Abb Dsdi130 57160001-aa
Louisiana » Baton Rouge » xiamen
Published by: AMIKON LIMITED
520 USD
Sales Manager:Nancy
Whatsapp/Skype: + 8618020776786

Advantage Brands:

Allen Bradley: Reliance,SLC500/1747/1746,Logix5000/1756,PLC-5/1771/1785
ABB: DSQC series,H&B Freelance,Bailey
Bently Nevada: 3500 System spare parts ,3300 System spare parts
Yokogawa DCS
Honeywell DCS
Ovation: 1C31234G01/1C31227G01/1C31166G01/1C31116G01/1C31189G01 etc DCS System spare
GE: IC693/IC697/IS200/DS200/IS215
Triconex: 3700A/3805E/3604E/3503E/3504E/3008/4119A/8312/3703E/3511/
Schneider 140 PLC series 140CPU67160/140CRP93200/140CPS11420

AMIKON LIMITED to the "professional, integrity, innovation, cooperation, win-win"
business philosophy, and constantly develop new products, to provide quality services, in order
to maximize the pursuit of customer satisfaction, and constantly open up new areas of business for customers.

Module Type
Execution Time Used in ms
CI801 CI810,
CI820 CI830
Single I/O Redundant
I/O pair
AI801, AI810, AI890, AI895 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 -
AI820 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50 -
AI825 1.50 - - 1.50 -
AI830, AI830A, AI835 0.40 0.40 0.40 0.40 -
AI893 0.40 - 0.40 0.40 -

AI843 0.40 - - 0.40 0.80
AI845 3.00 - - 3.00 6.00
AO801, AO810, AO810V2,
AO890, AO895
1.20 1.20 1.20 1.20 -
AO820 0.60 0.60 0.6 0.60 -
AO845, AO845A 1.20 - - 1.20 2.40
DI801, DI810, DI811, DI814,
DI820, DI821, DI890
0.43 0.43 0.43 0.50 -
DI802, DI803 0.43 - 0.43 0.50 -
DI840 0.43 - - 0.50 1.00
DI830, DI831, DI885 - 0.43 - - -
DO801, DO810, DO814,
DO815, DO820, DO821
0.43 0.43 0.43 0.50 -
DO802 0.43 - 0.43 0.50 -
DO840 0.43 - - 0.50 1.00
DO890 0.43 0.43 0.43 0.50 -
DP820 1.72 1.72 1.72 2.09 -
DP840 3.00 - 3.00 3.00 6.00
Engineered drives - 1.72 - - -
Standard drives 0.71 0.86 0.86 - -
FCI CI801 1.18 - - - -
Table 20. I/O Scan Cycle Time in the FCI (Continued)

Analog modules will be scanned every fourth I/O scan cycle time except for
AI830/AI830A, AI835, AI843 and AI893 modules which will be scanned every
tenth time.
DI and DO modules will be scanned each I/O scan cycle time.
For example, a non redundant station with a CI810A, two AO810/AO810V2,
three DI810, two AI810, three DO810, two AI830/AI830A and one DP820 will
give the following I/O scan cycle time:
1 CI810A => 1*1.40 ms = 1.40
2 AO810/AO810V2 => 2*1.20 ms = 2.40
3 DI810 => 3*0.43 ms = 1.29
2 AI810 => 2*3.00 ms = 6.00
3 DO810 => 2*0.43 ms = 1.29
2 AI830/AI830A => 2*0.40 ms = 0.80
1 DP820 => 1*1.72 ms = 1.72
14.9 ms
14.9 ms is not a multiple of 2, so an increase of the value to the nearest multiple of 2
gives 16 ms.
CI810A/CI810B compensation 1.25*16 ms=20 ms.

Ormec MAC-E030J2/K1A with Bayside Precision Gearhead PG115-015

GE Fanuc IC800VMM20LNKSE25 Servo Motor by VersaMotion NEW NIB

GE Fanuc IC800VMM01LNKSE25 100W Servo Motor NEW NIB

Allen-Bradley 150-A54NBD Motor Controller Series A SMC

Square D Circuit Breaker FCP34070MT1212 065241-100KCA **XLNT**

XYCOM-428/2 IASCM VMEbus 70428-002

Siemens SITRANS FM Sensor Type 711/F5 7ME5614-0FD02-0BB0

Siemens SITRANS FM Sensor MID 711/F5 7ME5614-0ED02-0BB0

GE FANUC CONTROLLER CIRCUIT BOARD 44A296357-001,44A297004-G01,44B296453-002/4


General Electric Fuji AF-300 P11 6KP1143050X9B1 50HP Drive 60-Day Warranty

Reliance Electric GV3000/SE 20V2260 20HP w/ 60 Day Warranty

Applied Theory Processor AT-QCPU REV-A PC Board

GE Fanuc IC800VMM20MNKSE25 Medium Inertia Motor by VersaMotion NEW NIB

NEW Square D CM-2350 CM2350 PowerLogic Power Logic Circuit Monitor

Xycom VME-428/1 Communication for Chassis Board NEW IN BOX

Xycom VMEbus 70653-097 B X990961017 PANCON 100-096-033

Dynamatic Adjustable Speed Drive Mark 111 15-000256-3021 Phase 1 ***NIB***

Siemens 6ES7016-1TA51 Simovert MicroMaster DC Drive 6ES7016-1TA51-.HYG.

Siemens 575-2128 VME Processor Controller PLC Rack *New in Factory Box*

Square D KAF3625021M 1212 Series 2 Mag-Gard Adjustable Instant Trip Breaker

Allen Bradley 150-A35JB-ND 150-A35JB SMC-2 NIB Soft Motor Starter

GE Fanuc IC800VMM30LNKSE25 VersaMotion Motor 14.3NM NEW NIB


Cutler Hammer Eaton Corp HMCP100R3CA02 Series C Circuit Breaker 3 Poles NEW NIB

Allen-Bradley 2112A-CABD-25 25HP FVNR Fused Bucket Controller Series B

P4BC1.3R Banner Presence Plus Pixels 1280-1024 I/O 4 Configurable

Reliance Electric GV3000/SE 5V4160 60-Day Warranty

Siemens Simovert Master Drive 6ES7028-6EC85-0AA0 Common Rectifier NEW NIB

Kollmorgen SBD2-16-2101-2934BA2/160-16 Amplifier Drive A-80387-2 Rev 10 *NIB*

Keithley MAI-16-PC6292 14026 REV E2 Controller Board ***NIB***

GE Fuji Electric 6KE$243050X1A1 6KES243050X1A1 50HP AF-300E$ Drive w/ Warranty

GE Fanuc IC800SSI407RS1 S2K Servo Controller 7 Amp 480VAC NEW NIB

GE Fanuc MTR-3T43-H-R-B-M-0 Metric Servo Motor w/ Resolver NEW NIB mtr3t43hrbm0

Fuji 6KG1143020X1B1 AF-300G11 20 horse power 460V ***NIB***

6SE3223-5DH40 Siemens Midimaster Vector Drive 460 V 6SE32235DH40

GE Fanuc IC800VMA202 2KW VersaMotion Servo Amplifier NEW NIB

GE Fanuc IC800VMA302 3KW VersaMotion Servo Amplifier NEW NIB

Eaton OPCON 2300A-7502 Source 9201 Fiber Optic Detector PC Board Scanner

Viewtronix Xycom ST1210T-A 691142-2A2 Controller Panel **NIB**

Ormec SAC-E08J2 E-Series Servo Drive SACE08J2

GE Fanuc IC800VMM20LBKSE25 2KW VersaMotion Motor NEW NIB

GE Fanuc IC800VMM30MBKSE25 VersaMotion Motor and Brake NEW NIB

GE Fanuc IC800VMM30LBKSE25 VersaMotion Motor and Brake NEW NIB

Cutler Hammer Westinghouse 3 Poles HMCP050K2CA02A06 Circuit Protector NEW IN BOX

Reliance Electric GV3000E-AC030-AA-DBU 300ER4060 - 60 Day Warranty

Metrabyte MAO-12-PC7592 14158 REV A Processor Controller ***NIB***

Square D KCP34200MT 1212 200A Circuit Breaker 3 Pole 480VAC **EXCELLENT**

GE Fanuc IC800VMM07LBKSE25 VersaMotion Servo Motor and Holding Brake NEW NIB

GE Fanuc IC800VMM04LBKSE25 VersaMotion Motor and Brake NEW NIB

Eurotherm 620 Vector Drive 45KW 60HP 62STD/0750/400/0020/UK/ENW/0000/000/BO/000

Ormec MAC-E030J2/K1A with Bayside Precision Gearhead P/N NE42-015

Reliance Electric GV3000 20V4160 GV3000/SE 20HP AC Drive XLNT w/ 60 Day Warranty

GE Fanuc IC800SSD104RS1 S2K Servo Drive for MTR NEW NIB

General Micro Systems GMSV04-01-A Board IN BOX gmsv0401a GREAT CONDITION

Eaton Corporation OPCON 2300A-7501 Fiber Optic Scanner Detector PC Board NEW

Siemens 6se7090-0xx84-0ad1 CUMC CONTROLLER BOARD ***NIB***

Reliance Electric 803612-SE 50-150HP Distributed Control System DCS Power Module

DC Drive Blok Parker MTS BDM1001DCSWC00S 240VOLTS 400HZ 4.6AMPS


6KAVI43005Y1B1 Drive 5 Horse Power General Electric 230-480VAC 3PH Obsolete

Ormec MAC-E030J2/K1A 34-512-726-4307 AT7.5-005-SS

**Brand New** Mitsubishi K2NCPU NSFP K2N-CPU Module

Siemens 6ES7016-1TA51 Simovert MC DC Inverter Drive

Cutler Hammer Eaton Corporation HMCP150U4CA10 3 Pole Circuit Protector NEW NIB

Eaton Corporation OPCON 2300A-7501 Fiber Optic Scanner Detector PC Board NEW NIB

L5311 Rev. 3.0 RTN Linkcard EUROTHERM SSD PARKER

Control Techniques Unidrive UNI2402VTC 10HP AC Drive

Lot of Agilent HP E4418B, Okuma BL-D50A, GE Boards, Fanuc, Siemens, Acme, Relian

Siemens DC Inverter Drive 6SE7027-2TD61

SIEMENS 6SE7033-8EE85-1AA0 CONV,RGN,460V,160KW,323A

Allen-Bradley Size 1 FVNR YUY624435/5BC 7.5HP 480V Bucket(Missing Fused Section)

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