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Published by: Amikon Co.,Ltd
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A program verify should be performed on the programmed bits to determine that they were correctly programmed. After each pulse is applied to an address, the data at that address is program verified. Valid data should appear on the output pins. If the data is not fully programmed, additional pulses are applied until either the data is fully programmed or until the maximum pulse count is reached. This process is repeated in sequence for each address to be programmed. Refer to the waveform diagrams for the specific device to determine required input levels for program verification.

AMIKON LIMITED has supplied nearly 70 million inventory parts for customers worldwide. Whether it is a new spare parts, or outdated / discontinued parts, AMIKON is committed to the best cost, best quality and efficient way to allow enterprises to resume normal operation.

Packing & Delivery

100% full New! - Original Factory Seal !
Warranty: 12 months!
Package: Original packing with cartons.
Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment
Best Quality Assurance:

We only provide the original new items, 100% make sure the best quality!
1 year warranty GUARANTEE OF QUALITY (After Our Delivery Date).
Featured Brands We Offer:

Control Systems (DCS, PLC/SPS, CNC): Panel Controllers, HMI and Display Panels, Industrial PC’s, Drives ( Frequency Inverter and Servo), Motors, Power Supplies
Rockwell: Allen-Bradley: ControlLogix 1756 series controller, CompactLogix 1769 series controller, SLC 500 1747 1746 series controller, PLC-5 1771 1785 series controller, ProSoft :MVI69/PS69/MVI56/MVI94/MVI71/MVI46/3150, ICS TRIPLEX trusted system
ABB: AC800M series controller I/O module, AC800F series controller module, AC31 series controller module, 800xA series modules, Bailey INFI 90 module, DSQC robot module spare parts, Advant OCS system spare parts, H&B Freelance
Bentley Nevada : Bently 3500 Monitoring system, Bently 3300 Monitoring system, Proximitor, Eddy current sensor probe
Schneider: Quantum 140 series :Modicon M340, Modicon Premium :CPU Processor Module,Communication module,etc
Emerson Emerson: Ovation System DCS Card, DeltaV system Dual Channel Redundancy Safety System, Redundancy Controller
General Electric: IS200/DS200 series Excitation system card, IC693/IC695/IC697/IC698/IC200/IC660/IC670 CPU module,Communication module, Analog Digital module
Invensys Triconex Card: Tricon System Card
Invensys Foxboro: I/A Series System Module
Honeywell: Alcont, Experion LS, Experion PKS, Experion HS, Plant Scape, TDC 2000, TDC3000, TPS
Siemens (Siemens): Siemens MOORE, Siemens S5
Yokogawa: CS3000 System CPU Controller Module, Analog Module
Yaskawa:Robot Servo Controller, Servo Motor, Servo Drive.
Rexroth Indramat: I/O module, PLC controller, drive module
VIBRO-METER: VM600 MPC4 VM600 CMC16 VM600 IOC4T Vibration Sensor, Speed Sensor, Vortex Sensor, Monitoring System Module Gateway Communication Module.
EPRO(Philips): PR6422 / PR6423 / PR6424 / PR6426 Eddy current sensor, PR9268 series of electric absolute vibration sensor,MMS6000 system.
Motorola: VME 162, MVME 167, MVME1772, MVME177 and other series.
XYCOM: I / O, VME boards and processors
Woodward: SPC valve position controller, 505 / 505E (9907-162,9907-164,9907-165,9907-167) digital controller, 2301A controller 9905series,2301D-ST series
Rosemount: pressure transmitter, flow meter.

TEL Tokyo Electron E208-000021-11 E2B401/UMC

Oram LPS 850 DC Power Supply AMAT SEMVision

ONEAC CDR36I-21KX400 Power Conditioner CDR36I

KLA-Tencor 0000452-004 AIT Fusion 0002062-000

Axcelis 572871 Module 300mm Fussion ES3 CES3590

Matsusada Precision HJPZ-1B-HS-V2

KLA-Tencor 720-14679-000 XP Objective Lens 0110155-000


OEM-6 ENI OEM-6AM-1B-21251 RF

Hitachi EVAC CONT UNIT Module S-9300

LPG-6A ENI LPG-6AL-21321 RF Generator LPG-6L

PRI Automation TRA035-LPS KLA-Tencor 0000666-000 CRS-3000

Premium 0588.2 AC/DC ASML 4022.471.84295

Premium NP-0588 AC/DC ASML 4022.471.84293

Premium 0588.2 AC/DC ASML 4022.471.84293

DNS Dainippon Screen Ion Pump FC-3000

POLARA-260A ENI POLARA-260-01 Rev. C AMAT 0190-01428

POLARA-260A ENI POLARA-260-01 Rev. B AMAT 0190-01428

Hitachi Kokusai Denki UO1200PMQA-DS1CE

S&C Electric PEA-2146-7

Stange Elektronik SE-600-BB

MDX-052 AE Advanced Energy 3152052-000

Hitachi High Voltage 560-5510 S-9300 CD
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